Data Requests

By fulfilling data requests, Forsyth Futures provides critical support for community organizations and stakeholders to better understand the context of their activities.

The insights gained through data requests are important tools that can help organizations optimize their impact. Forsyth Futures receives funding to offer free data request services to community groups, under the conditions described below. Data request fulfillment typically involves a range of services that are available to organizations in Forsyth County:


  • Data Source Referral: The request for data is appropriately satisfied by referring the requester to an external data source. Data source referrals may include some personalized training and consultation.
  • Small Scale Request: The request for data is appropriately satisfied by gathering a small volume of data points or other information and sending to the requester informally, typically via email. Data points repeatedly requested through small scale requests are may publicly available as Commuity Data on one of the following pages:
  • Custom Data Request Report: Forsyth Futures makes a limited number of staff hours available each month to fulfill data requests free of charge to the community. Data request fulfillment is considered on a case-by-case basis and Forsyth Futures’ staff use their discretion in deciding which requests are eligible for free service. In making these decisions, staff will consider such factors as ability to pay, total volume of current requests, and the potential for the request to have a positive community impact. Custom data request reports are often made publicly available on our Reports and Briefings page.
  • Community Briefing: When the scope and complexity of a data request exceed what can reasonably be accommodated through a custom data request report, the request is no longer eligible for consideration as a free service. If an engagement at this scale is necessary, it must be approached as a separate fee-for-service project. Special Issue Studies are cataloged on the Reports and Briefings page.



Forsyth Futures receives financial support to offer a range data request services to the community at no charge, under the eligibility conditions described below. Each month, about 100 hours are allocated to this cause.

Who is Eligible?

Non-profit organizations and community groups in Forsyth County. In some limited cases, for-profit businesses may be eligible, if the request can be clearly and directly shown to be necessary for an endeavor that will have significant positive community impact.

Data requests are considered on a case-by-case basis; Forsyth Futures staff use their discretion in determining when a data request can be offered at no cost. The following factors are considered by staff when making these determinations:

  • Ability to Pay: a higher priority is generally afforded to smaller organizations with relatively limited operating budgets.
  • Volume of Requests: during high-volume cycles (typically in months preceding grant review cycles), staff may delay or decline a data request, by necessity. Community groups are strongly encouraged to submit requests well in advanced around these times.
  • Potential for Positive Community Impact: Staff give strong preference to requests with clearly-articulated potential to generate positive community impact.


  • Turn-around Time: When submitting a request, please keep in mind that all requests are subject to a minimum two-to-four week processing window and that this window may be longer depending on our current workload and the unique requirements of the specific request.
  • Public Availability: Please keep in mind that it is Forsyth Futures’ policy to make all data requests publicly available through our website, our blog, and through external dissemination such as email newsletters and social media. In certain circumstances we may decide to keep the requester’s identify anonymous.

Submit a Request

To make a request for data request support, email

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